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Chinchilla Instructions

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Chinchilla Easter Bunny Helper Craft

Making your own Chinchilla Bunny Helper is a special experience. For example, check out Kiwi Lightning. Although there are several steps to create a Chinchilla helper, they are kept surprisingly easy and can be done by children, with some assistance by adults. The good news is, there is no stitching involved. Therefore no needles are needed.

Please follow along with the step-by-step instructions and videos and before you know it, you’ll have own Chinchilla helper!

Before You Get Started, Gather your materials

Before getting started, you’ll need to gather up your materials. In many cases, you’ll have many of these materials laying around your house. If not, in most cases they can be purchased at your local Dollar Store or you can simply substitute an item with an alternative. For example, instead of glitter, use rice.

To begin, gather up these items:

– One (1) gray sock.

– Small piece of white felt.

– Small piece of pink felt. 

– Fabric marker.

– Hot glue gun.

– Fiber fill (Stuffing).

– Mini hair rubber bands (also called hair elastics).

– Glitter.

– Scissors.

Materials needed for Chinchilla Helper

1. Make the Body and Tail

You’ll need the gray sock, some stuffing, and a rubber band.

  • Fill the sock with stuffing about halfway.
  • Just below the area without the stuffing, wrap the rubber three times. This will help form the tail.

2. Prep the tail, ears, face, and belly

In this step, you’ll need scissors, a fabric marker, pink felt, and white felt.

Please make sure you ask an adult for assistance or for supervision. Before you get started, make sure to flip the sock over, so that the side of the sock without the crease is facing you. The side of the sock without the crease is the side you will use for the Chinchilla’s face.

  • Using your scissors, cut the tail into a small bushy tail. You can be creative. Keep in mind, the piece that falls off, will be used for the ears.
  • Take the piece that fell off, fold it in half, then cut it evenly down the middle.
  • Draw an outline of the ear onto the piece you just cut.
  • Cut out the ears, using the outline as a guide.
  • Grab your pink felt, fold it in half onto itself, and draw an outline of the inside of the ear.
  • Cut out the inside of the ears.
  • Place the inside of the ears (pink felt) on top of the ears.
  • Grab your white felt, and draw an oval shape. This piece will be where the face goes.
  • Cut out the oval shape from the white felt.
  • Grab your white felt, fold it in half, then draw an outline of the Chinchilla’s belly including paw.
  • Cut out the belly evenly from the white felt.

3. Glue together the ears, glue on the belly and face

In this step, you’ll need your glue gun. Make sure to ask an adult for assistance or supervision.

  • Glue one side of the pink felt (inside of the ear) to the ear. Do this for both ears. Press down firmly.
  • Glue the outer edges of the front of the ear to the backing of the ear. Do this for both ears. Note, this will allow you to stuff the ear.
  • Glue one side of the belly, then place onto the body firmly.
  • Glue one side of the face, then place the face above the belly.

4. Stuff the ears, attach ears to body

In this step, you’ll need stuffing and the glue gun. Make sure to ask an adult for assistance or supervision.

  • Stuff each ear with stuffing, and glue the bottom of ear. Pinch each ear closed.
  • Apply glue generously the bottom of each ear, then press and hold each ear to the top of the body for 10 seconds or more so that the ears stay on. Make sure you distance the ears apart about two fingers.

5. Finish the tail and face

In this step, you will personalize your Chinchilla helper. You need a fabric marker. Also, you’ll need your glue gun, so make sure to ask an adult for supervision or assistance.

  • Optional, you can fill up the tail with stuffing and glue it shut.
  • Grab your fabric marker, and draw the signature nose and mouth.
  • Then draw the two dotted eyes.

6. Apply Glitter and Recite Poem

Now you’re ready to bring your Chinchilla helper to life. You’ll need glitter for this step, but if you don’t have glitter, you can use rice, or small pieces of paper, or even bird seed. Anything that you can sprinkle will work. What’s most important, is that you recite the Easter Bunny Helper Poem at the same time that you sprinkle the glitter.

– Sprinkle glitter on the Chinchilla helper and read aloud the following poem,

“A little sprinkle here and there,

Now bring Easter joy everywhere”