How to register your Easter Bunny Helper with Easter Island

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The registry is the official list of Easter Bunny Helpers. Easter Bunny Helpers are registered by the families who adopted them. Follow these steps to register your Easter Bunny Helper.

1. Go to the Registry page.

2. Click GET STARTED on the Easter Bunny Helper you’d like to register. In this example, the Ferret is selected. The Adoption Certificate Generator page appears.

3. In the “Easter Bunny Helper Name” field, type the full name of your Easter Bunny Helper.

4. In the “Your Name” field, please type your name as you would like it printed on the certificate.

5. In the “Creation Date” field, please select the date you created your Easter Bunny Helper. The date will be used for the adoption date.

6. Click GENERATE CERTIFICATE. The Download your certificate page appears.

7. Click the hyperlink to download your Adoption Certificate.

8. Open your adoption certificate.